International Rail Freight Conference

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Day 1

09:30Session 1 – Introduction
09:35Introductory WordOliver Sellnick
09:40Introductory WordLajos Simon
09:45Introductory WordOlaf Krüger
09:50Introductory WordZdenek Zak
09:55Introductory WordMiroslav Fukan
10:00Session 2 – Keynote Presentations on the Main Conference Topic
10:00The Role of UIC in Europe-Asia RelationsOliver Sellnick
10:20OSJD Activities for Development of Railway Transport between Europe and AsiaTimur Zhunussov
10:40Presentation of the Ministry of Railways ChinaKefang Cai
11:50Session 3 – Keynote Presentations on the Main Conference Topic
11:50Future Role of Railway Forwarders in CIS TransportOlaf Krüger
12:10The Freight Forwarder and the Rail – New Challenges and OpportunitiesHeiner Rogge
12:30Economy, Markets and Sea versus RailStig Nerdal
12:50Euro-Asian Railway CorridorsJaroslav Novak
13:10Development and Market Opportunities on China Modern Railway LogisticsYeqing Dong
14:30Session 4 – Legislation, Interoperability, Concepts
14:30New Developments in International Law Pertaining to Railway Interoperability between Asia and EuropeGustav Kafka
14:50The New Legal Regime and the Common Consignment Note CIM/SMGSErik Evtimov
15:10The Concept of an Effective International Transit on Trans-Siberian Main Railway LineBoris Davydov
15:10The Concept of an Effective International Transit on Trans-Siberian Main Railway LineAlexandr Savinov
16:00Session 5 – Session of European Railways
16:00Contribution of CD Cargo on East-West Transportation, Present and PerspectivesRodan Senekl
16:20Slovak Republic Using ZSSK CARGO ServicesJan Simco
16:40Development of Container Transportations and Logistic Terminals in LithuaniaStasys Gudvalis
17:00Belterminal Brest – Strategic Transshipment Hub Between Asia and EuropeViktor Bystrian
17:20South Eurasian LandbridgeBoris Klement
19:00Gala-Dinner sponsored by Spedi-Trans

Day 2

09:00Session 6 – Euro-Asian Land Bridge
09:00Euro-Asian Land BridgeIreneusz Gójski
09:20Euro-Asian RailTraffic - A Market with a Future - A Challenge for Railservice ProvidersMichael Bartsch
09:40Container Block Trains between China and Germany on Eurasian LandbridgeHartmut Albers
10:05Pilot Container Trains China – Czech Republic and v.v.Jaroslav Tyle
10:25Far East Land Bridge – The ProjectThomas Kargl
11:20Session 7 – Trans-Asian Railway Network
11:20Trans Siberian Route - Effective Transport Corridor between Asia and EuropeGennady Bessonov
11:45Perspective of Multimodel Transport on the Route Europe-Asia-EuropeIvan Liptuga
12:05Possibilities of Kazakhstan Railway in TransitArman Sultanov
13:30Session 8 – Euro-Asian Land Bridge
13:30Some Problems in Cargo Transport between Asia and Europe and their Solutions with IT TechnologiesOgnan Andreev
13:50Automatisation of Rail Freight Transport in Ukraine - Link of Information Connection between Europe and AsiaOleg Soltysyuk
14:10Logistic Terminals and Transshipment Stations in Ukrainian / Moldavian - Romanian BorderBogdan Ciobanu
15:00Session 9 – Technical Session
15:00Intelligent Integration of Information Systems – How to Plan and Operate a New Freight Service between Different CountriesHelene Köpf
15:20Intermodal Transportation from European Hub Ports to the Central and Eastern European HinterlandWalter Schulze-Freyberg
15:40EuroAsian Rail Freight Transport: A Support with Information and Data; Common Consignment Note CIM/SMGSLibor Belfín
16:00A Case Study of the Fleet Management: IS UDIV Boosts the Productivity and Efficiency of CD CargoDavid Krasensky
17:00City Tour
19:15Czech Dinner

Day 3

09:00Logistic Excursion to SKODA Production and Museum
15:30End of the Excursion
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